‘The Bonniest Companie’, an anthology of poems by Kathleen Jamie. Published by Picador 2015.

Winner of the Saltire ‘Book of the Year’ and ‘Poetry Book of the Year’ 2016.

In 2015, Olivia was commissioned by acclaimed Scottish poet Kathleen Jamie to create an artwork for her latest anthology of poems. In the words of the author, ‘2014 was a year of tremendous energy and, knowing I wanted to embrace that energy…I resolved to write a poem a week, following the cycle of the year’. This collection addresseses Jamie’s native Scotland, revealing a country at once wild and contained, rural and urban.

Olivia’s response to this collection was to create the most complex two plate drypoint (with mutli-layered chine colle) that she had ever undertaken in an attempt to somehow capture the essence of Jamie’s writing and small glimpses of some of the poems contained within the covers of this remarkable collection.

‘Seeing Olivia’s finished work was like looking into my own soul’. Kathleen Jamie.

Here is a selection of images showing the work in progress, the printmaking processes involved, and the various proofs created in the development of the finished work:

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